Marking 50 Years with 50 Reasons for Justice
July 18, 2017

What inspires you to fight for justice?

50 years ago, Sargent Shriver inspired us to advance justice and opportunity for all. Through his leadership, idealism, and vision, Sarge furnished us, along with countless other equal justice advocates and leaders, with many reasons to fight for justice. And today, we’re still fighting—at the local, state, and national levels—through policy advocacy, community lawyering, and network building.  

To mark the Shriver Center’s 50th anniversary, each day for the next 50 we will be sharing one of the many reasons we fight for justice. We kicked off the campaign today with this post on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But this is just the first—from ensuring that everyone has access to healthcare, to making sure that no child goes hungry, and beyond, we have many more. Too many, in fact, to articulate in just 50 days.  

We’re thrilled to share why we fight for justice in the coming weeks, but no one can do this work alone. Our allies, supporters, and partners make what we do possible. Moreover, while we all care about justice, we are all animated by different reasons. This diversity enriches our fight. So we want to hear from you: what inspires you to advance justice?

Throughout the next 50 days, post your reason to your social media accounts, along with an image that captures your sentiment, using the hashtags #Shriver50 and #50ReasonsForJustice. Have more than one reason? Post them all. Justice knows no bounds. And once you’ve shared why you fight for justice, invite your friends and allies to join the campaign. We’re stronger together.

You can find more details on the campaign here, and be sure to follow the #Shriver50 and #50ReasonsForJustice hashtags on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay connected.

Sarge, above all, was an idealist. He understood the power ideas have to inspire individuals, ignite change, improve people’s lives, and ultimately secure justice for all. For the next 50 days and indeed beyond, we’re excited to carry on his legacy. So, are you with us?


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